A digital sound lab, where we
craft compelling narratives
to make your vision heard.

Is a digital lab
that casts new worlds
through new sounds

Founded in conceptual literacy, artistic foresight and affective sensibility, at Undoing lab we craft hybrid forms of media that forge new experiences.

With a good grip of contemporary tendencies and new technologies, we build upon the capacity of sound to create sensations, atmospheres and narratives that will be remembered.

Throughout our creative projects, our technical mastery enables our customers to integrate innovative aesthetics, methods and infrastructures that convey their ideas further and louder.

In Undoing we redefine what is audible, amplifying stories that make a difference, and designing environments you’ll want to submerge in.

who we are:

Błażej Kotowski is an artist and researcher born and raised in Poland, currently based in Barcelona. Situated at the intersection of art, sound, technology, software, and politics, his work delves into the transformative impact of new technologies on the human psyche, with a particular focus on the notion of the (cyber) sublime—an aesthetic of digital awe and wonder. Driven by a passion for comprehending the evolving relationship between humanity and technology, Błażej crafts speculative narratives that manifest as sound works, generative systems, installations, and performances. In his research, he is currently pursuing a PhD at the Music Technology Group, where he examines the intricacies of AI’s architectural design. For those interested in deeper insights into theory and reflections on the convergence of technology and art, Błażej invites you to visit his blog at Softmax Logic.

Daphne Xanthopoulou (she/they) is a sound designer, artist, and curator of Anatolian Greek descent residing in Barcelona. Through participatory performances and interactive installations, she delves into the exploration of human and more-than-human interactions, utilising sound and narrative as tools to re-enchant the world. Daphne holds a MA Degree in Art and Technology from the Interface Cultures department of the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria, a MA Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Barcelona, and a BA Degree in Psychology from the Panteion University of Athens.

A digital sound lab, where we
craft compelling narratives
to make your vision heard.

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