In DANU we collaborated with the team of choreographer, dancers and visual artists to envision a sonic identity that encompasses the conceptual framework of the performance. We tested different compositional approaches in reiteration constructing sonic narratives in interaction with the developing dramaturgy. The creative process was based on common rehearsals and extensive feedback sessions. To emphasise the element of water, we incorporated an interactive object the dancers could use during their performance to trigger sound real-time.

The result was a compelling sound piece that made use of the immersive potential of the facilities of Ars Electronica’s DeepSpace 4k, tailored to the emotional timeline of the performance, accompanied the physical narration of the dancers and worked in synergy with the audiovisual storytelling employed by the visual artists real-time.

DANU_ Bodies of Water - LIQUIFORMS Score (320kbps).mp3

DANU_ Bodies of Water - LIQUIFORMS Score (320kbps).mp3