remote landscapes

Engaged to craft a sonic environment for a solo exhibition by visual artist Eva Berrenechea at Can Sistere in Barcelona, our approach involved an iterative process with the artist and curator. Collaboratively, we developed a design featuring two distinct sonic environments that aimed to enhance the reception of the visual pieces. This enhancement unfolded both conceptually, aligning with the exhibition’s themes, and somatically, enriching the sensory experience for visitors. The synergy between the artist, curator, and our studio resulted in a thoughtful and immersive auditory accompaniment to the visual elements on display.

The outcome entails two interactive audio installations that enhance the themes initially explored by the visual artist on the audio level. These installations offer interactive, durational generative soundscapes, each delving into distinct themes related to the original work. This exploration is achieved through the integration of online meteorological data sources, chaotic mathematical models, and sensory information from the exhibition space, creating immersive and dynamic auditory experiences that resonate with the core concepts presented by the visual artist.